Jungle Aquarium Aquascaping


Jungle aquascaping style is a mix between the nature style and the dutch style. It is characterized by the dense plant life and stunning focal points. The main purpose of the jungle style is to present the wild and chaotic ecosystem. What makes jungle style different from other aquascaping styles is that it provides more natural overlook, which is much different from the other more organized aquascape settings.

In order to heave a healthy aquascape you first must gain good knowledge of how to maintain and cultivate the plant life in the jungle style. If you are a beginner, then this design may be a bit challenging for you as there is big variety and this style requires high maintenance. However, if you could correctly implement this style it can be very unique and beautiful.

Main Elements of the Jungle Aquascape

What defines the jungle style is its wild appearance without any order. There are many different plant species used and they are often very dense. What makes jungle style unique is the use of very large leaved plants. The organization inside the aquarium is not important at all, because this aquascape focuses on the wild look. There is not much open space and there are very few elements of hardscape.

Overall Layout and Design

One of the most common issues that many aquascapers face when creating this aquascape is the difficulty to create a beautiful design when the main point behind the design is to make a wild and chaotic environment. Therefore, one of the best things regarding this style is the freedom to make any scene you like. You can make it as wild as you want it to be, but within your own boundaries, limits, and abilities.

The main point is to create an environment which you will be able to cultivate, properly nurture, and manage, but still keep the organized chaos as main theme. By using the varied and dense plant life, you should use the best substrate in order to create a place where all plants will be able to thrive. Regarding the plants in this style, usually very contrasting, diverse, tall, and large leafed species are used. They are great for creating several height levels and for providing differentiation among species in order for them to look more natural.

Plants for Jungle Aquascapes

Which plants should be used in this aquascaping style? First you should consider the space you have and if your lights are suited for a planted aquarium. As you cultivate your aquarium, the plants will overshadow one another in order to get more daylight and to overtake the other species. That is why you need to have very good aquarium lighting in order to provide good amount of light to the plants. This is something to think about, but do not forget that the purpose of the jungle aquascaping style is to create an untamed, natural setting.

Some plant species that are suitable and recommended for the Jungle aquascaping style are:

  • Aponogeton boevinianus
  • Bolbitis heudelotii
  • Crinum calimistratum
  • Crinum natans
  • Microsorum pteropus
  • Vallasneria Americana gingantea

Plants for Jungle Aquascapes

Along with plants, adding several fish species will also enhance your vision of a jungle aquascape. There are many different fish types that can be used in the jungle aquascaping style. Some of them include: Cleithacara maronii, Coryodoras aeneus, Hyphessobrycon colombianus, Paracheirodon innesi, Red-tailed black shark, Thayeria boehlkei, and Rainbow fish. Make sure your tank will compliment their adulthood size!

Final Thoughts Jungle Aquascaping

One thing to keep in mind about jungle aquascapes is they must have proper fertilizers, filters and lighting. However, when comparing the jungle aquascaping style to other styles, one major advantage is that it does not require much maintenance. All the plants in your tank will make use of the fish and plant debris that gets absorbed into the substrate. I recommend a water change at least once a month to be on the safe side.

For those people that are beginners and still lack experience in aquascaping, the process of nurturing a jungle tank can be a demanding and overwhelming task. If you take the time to learn how to start one up it will definitely be worth it in the end!


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