Fluval Fx6 Canister Filter Product Review

There are many types of filters in the market today. Finding the right one depends on the holding capacity of your fish tank setup or its actual population. It is important to determine these numbers first as they can affect the distribution of oxygen to the fish, its biological filters, and the other organisms that are processed through the filter during water dilution.

Different filter types and brands are able to process fish wastes. Some could handle as much but not all of them. Thus, canister filters or tin can filters are normally required for an aquarium of bigger capacity as they can hold more wastes than some others like trickle filters and power filters. The efficiency of canister filters also depends on the media used.

Of course, you can opt for a trickle filter, biological filter, or even multiple filters depending on the size of your aquarium and its population.

Oxygen and Fish Tank Population


The availability of oxygen is important in keeping an aquarium. The greater the surface area, the more likely it is to hold a bigger population of water inhabitants in the tank. It is important that the filter used should have a good flow rate and can suffice the load of the aquarium. While the purpose of a water filter is to keep the water in the tank clean, a good filter system and consistent water change can add up to the health and vigor of your fish. To ensure that your fish remain healthy under clean water conditions, it is best to secure a filtration system that can perform its filtering job efficiently. We suggest a high-performance water filter such as the Fluval Fx6 Canister Filter.

Fluval Fx6 Canister Filter

Fluval Fx6 has many outstanding features that make it a high-performance canister filter. Primarily, it has a bigger capacity in a compact canister that could pump 925 gallons of water and a filter circulation of 563 GPH to ensure cleaner and healthier outcomes.

Fluval Fx6 measures 16ʺ × 16ʺ × 21ʺ (L × W × H) and has a maximum head height of 7.6 ft. and a media capacity of 11.5 liters.

The Fluval Fx6 Canister Filter has a multi-stage filtration system that can efficiently segregate and sieve unwanted materials in a big aquarium. Removable media baskets make it possible for the filtering material to be placed in the filtering system, holding as much as 5.9 liters of media arranged in layers, with each layer lined with a foam designed for mechanical pre-filtering. T-handles enable automatic air purge or release in separating these media baskets easily to make your regular maintenance job easier.

To further leverage its filter performance, Fluval Fx6 is equipped with a smart pump technology which provides an electronic circuit board that monitors the speed and force of the pumps continuously to ensure powerful and efficient performance.

Fluval Fx6 is self-starting and cleans the air that enters or accumulates in the filtration system within a 12-hour cycle. After which, the pump will pause for the air to come out to sustain high efficiency.

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Buying a Fluval Fx6 Canister Filter for a large tank guarantees high performance from a high-capacity canister that comes from a good reputation of Fluval aquarium products. This is backed up by a certification from Hagen Aquatic Research Station, the most up-to-date and reliable research station when it comes to aqua care.

Customers who have used Fx6 attest that it is durable and has superior power. With proper maintenance and care, Fx6 will last longer than other brands. Setup is easy and comes along with clear instructions and its other components.

The brand also carries different filter media types, removers, and bags used in cleaning water.  Its line also extends to other aquarium supplements and conditioners to make it seem the water condition is similar to that found outside. With these supplements you can be sure that the water in you aquarium is a safe place for its inhabitants, is free from toxins, and enables healthy plant growth to maintain water quality with the eradication of waste and addition of beneficial bacteria.

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